What is colorbond fencing?

What is colorbond fencing?

Not so long ago people did not do colorbond for their fence it was ether zinc sheets or timber fencing, since colorbond introduced fencing sheets and panels as a long lasting option to your fencing adelaide needs, it has gone off!! and almost everybody that needs a new fence goes with the colorbond option, as it is the cheapest option around and also lasts the test of time.

But what is it exactly? and what makes it so good?

Colorbond is a steel coated sheet with a zinc and aluminium alloy (zincalume) it has a layer of polyester primer and a coat over the top with special paint, When you put all of this together you get a product that is strong but also very light, the finished product is durable and will last the test of time.

Colorbond is an Australian made product and they just don’t do fence supplies, they supply materials for roofing, guttering and many other household and industrial products, and because they are made in Australia by aussies they know what type of conditions there are in this country.

What are the pros of colorbond fencing Adelaide.?

You don’t have to keep up the maintenance.

Once you have hired a decent fence contractor in Adelaide to install your fence, you will not have to do too much in the way of looking after your colorbond fence. Unlike timber fencing where you need to give it another coat of paint or replace a few timbers because of the rot or wearing, colorbond doesn’t breakdown and the only thing that you need to do is maybe give it a bit of a hose down to make sure that bird poo or dust is not sitting on it, apart from that its pretty easy, thats why many people are choosing colorbond fencing.

Durability- Colorbond gives a 10 yr warranty on its fencing products, just to show how good the product is, of course that warranty does not apply in some cases for example when the fence is being installed 1km away from the beach.

The range- There is plenty of differnt types of fencing that colorbond has made so there are plenty of choices there, there are also 14 different colours to choose from, so colorbond can blend into your home landscape provided that you choose the right colour.

Colorbond fencing has a lot of great qualities, it is fireproof to a certain degree, there is no little holes for people to be able to see what you are doing which is great for privacy, and also if you choose the standard height 1.8m it will prevent intruders from getting into your property.

There are not too many down sides to getting a colorbond fence adelaide installed, some people just prefer timber fencing over colorbond or they think that steel will rust to quick, that is only the case if you install a cheap version of colorbond which isn’t actually colorbond.

We can supply and install frameless glass pool fencing in Adelaide.