Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Adelaide

Everyone wants a big backyard to have friends over and to invite them for a party. One of the most popular types of parties during summer are pool parties, and you will most certainly be the top dog among your friends. But naturally, when there is plenty of water, there is responsibility that comes with it, especially if children are nearby.

We are an Adelaide based company that supplies and installs premium glass pool fencing; we offer frameless and semi frameless glass fences. If you are looking to give your pool and entertaining area the ‘wow’ factor, this may be the answer for you.

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Why you should get a frameless glass pool fence

Frameless glass pool fencing would have to be the ‘king’ of pool fences; they are so sleek, so how can they not be? Pools are often considered one of the biggest forms of luxury you can have at home, so having one of our impressive-looking fences would look great. It is almost invisible to the eye, having a glass fence around your pool will take your entertaining area to the next level.

Our glass pool fencing contractors have livened up many homes between Glenelg and Marion, and we want to do the same for your Adelaide home. Our fences meets all Australian pool standards; they are held in by 316 marine grade stainless steel spigots (mini posts) that will not rust. We also have different styles for you to choose from.

We Get our Frameless glass pool fencing supplies from Outback fencing.

Other features of our fences:

  • Meets Australian standards, to make sure your pool gets certified easily
  • 12mm clear toughened grade A safety glass with holes to suit our Stainless Steel Compression Spigots
  • We can also provide 12mm clear toughened grade A safety glass without holes to suit friction style spigots
  • All edges are polished
  • We can also provide custom made panels to suit all needs

Semi frameless glass pool fencing for Adelaide homes

  • Our company uses 10mm toughened glass for our semi frameless glass fencing.
  • Panel length range of in 10mm glass: From 600mm to 900mm in 50mm increments and from 900mm to 1600mm in 25mm increments we also have available special off the shelf panels.
  • Once we have been on site to look at your job, we can work out what you need and if you need any custom made panels.

Licensed Installation Services Adelaide

We at Lee Benson Fencing are experienced frameless glass contractors. Installing a glass fence is not easy and needs someone who is particular, and we have the right guys for the job.

Rest assured that your fence will meet Australian standards and that you will get that finishing touch to your entertaining area.

Our systems are manufactured to a much higher standard and strength than any other commercially available similar type products and we use Australian standard manufactured glass and all glass products.

Using only grade ‘A’ Australian standard glass means that there is no compromise in
quality or compliance.

Why you should hire us

  • We are reliable and professional
  • We perform quality licensed work
  • Our rates are very competitive

Stainless Steel Spigots

Our contractors supply a range of high quality pool fence spigots (or mini posts) for every taste. When deciding on a frameless pool fence for your home, many people are not sure what to look for in a spigot. Many of the cheaper spigots can look amazing to start with but will soon fade and not look very good at all, they might rust and possibly fail to hold the pool panel in place firmly.

Some spigots hold the glass by simply clamping or wedging it in, whilst premium spigots use a bolt system to secure the glass more securely. Our premium spigots can be core drilled or in-ground depending on what you need.

Premium Compression Spigots

Our custom made Premium Compression Spigots feature superior design and engineering to ensure the system is securely anchored to the surface. This ensures that the fence panels don’t come loose under extreme weather conditions or in areas that experience greater movement such as supporting the gate panels. They are made from 316 marine grade stainless steel, with each spigot weighing approx 4kg of solid stainless steel.

Friction Spigots

We have a range of friction spigots available. Our custom made Friction Spigots are just as strong as the Premium Spigot and are very capable in most applications.

Glass Pool Fencing Gates

The most important part to meet the pool barrier is the gate. The gate has a number to requirements it needs to meet to make it comply with AS1926.1-2012. All pool fencing gates must;

  • Must be self closing from any position
  • Must always open away from the pool area.
  • Must have a self latching latch that is minimum of 1500mm from outside of pool area.

All gates comes with a orginial D&D Technologies side pull lockable latch, the latch is located on the inside of the pool barrier 300mm from the top of the gate. This way it meets the 1500mm latch compliance.

Soft Close hinges

We use top of the range soft close hinges for our frameless glass pool fencing.

But if you would like to speak to someone about our services, please call us at 0404 264 167, send an email to, or fill in our online form on the contact us page.

We also have a Frameless glass pool fencing company in the Northern Rivers

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