PVC Fencing

Lee Benson Fencing supplies and installs PVC fencing. Our PVC fencing is from quality suppliers like Outback Fencing, Outback Fencing only use the best quality PVC fencing on the market. Why would you use PVC fencing? Pvc fencing has many benifits compared to other types of fencing, PVC fencing does not rust, its very easy to clean, it doesn’t rot or go moldy and it doesn’t fade like many other products on the market.

Choosing PVC fencing is a no brainer, if you are looking for a product with little to no maintenance look no further than PVC or vinyl fencing, Our supplier outback fencing has many different styles to choose from, like Full privacy 1.8m high fencing, semi privacy 1.2m high fencing and the rural 3 rail fencing with more styles on the way.

Full privacy PVC
3 rail PVC
Semi privacy PVC