Boundary disputes and what to do about itBoundary disputes and what to do about it

Boundary disputes and what to do about itBoundary disputes and what to do about it

Boundary disputes can happen for many different reasons but the main reason this happens in Adelaide is due to disagreements about where the fence or boundary should be, or a tree branch which is encroaching onto your land or that the old fencing is actually not on the boundary at all. it will happen sooner or later.

Dealing with your neighbour about the boundary is not a fun process at all, things can often get heated and people will get angry on this sensitive topic. it is a great idea to go into this discussion with a clear mind and a calm disposition only then will you be able to actually come to a sensible agreement.

So the first thing that you need to do is have a nice calm chat to your neighbour about the issue at hand, if you are thinking about getting a fence installed around your adelaide home give them the plan and involve them in the task, as it is their business as well, if your lucky you will have a great neighbour if not, well i feel sorry for you. also inform your neighbour regarding the laws about fencing and boundaries, as both parties are reasonable for the fence.

If you want to handle this professionally and know exactly where the fence needs to be, hire a land surveyor to show you where the boundary is, this eliminates the risk of putting up a new fence in the wrong position, this will save you a lot of hassle in the long run, never try to cut corners with these things.

Contact lee benson fencing today and we will be able to help you install your boundary fence in the type of fencing that you would like, give us a call today, as we believe that a happy neighbour is a good one, do the right thing and your fence installation should run a lot smoother.

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