Top tips to keep you home safe while your on holidays

Top tips to keep you home safe while your on holidays

Top tips to keep your home safe while your on holidays

Top tips to keep you home safe while your on holidays

When your family decides to plan to go away on a nice vacation to get away from it all, there are other sneaky people who are doing some planning of their own! They are not dumb, they keep their eye out for people planning to go on holidays and wait for an empty house.

Home security

We have listed below some helpful tips to help keep out the bad guys while your away.

– If you can stop the mail run from putting newspapers on your lawn or leaving junk mail in the letter box it will help you a lot, as a pile of old newspapers out the front of your house is advertising to the bad guys that none is home.

-Get a timer set on your lights inside the house, a burglar is less likely to break into a house if they can sense someone is home.

– Get your neighbours to help out by putting out your garbage bins every week to make it look like there is something going on at the property

-Another great tip is to get motion sensors on the front of your house and even some around the back, motion sensors defiantly freak out potential burglars and will keep your home safe and secure.

-Make sure you park your car inside, that way if anyone has been keeping an eye on you they will not be able to notice that a car has gone missing or that a car hasn’t moved in days.

-If you really want to plan this well, you can install gravel pathways and driveways, they make lots of noise when someone tries to walk on them.

-Keep a tidy front yard, trim back all your trees and bushes as to keep the visibility up in the front yard, make it hard for someone to be able to hide in your front yard.

-Dont leave any ladders or garden tools lying around, it may give something to the trespasser to use to break into the house.

-Make sure that none can look inside your house, and if that is not possible make sure that all of your items that are worth something are hidden away out of sight, make your house look really boring, why would someone break in if there is not any cool stuff.

–Install a fence that is at least 1.8m high, the higher the fence the harder it is to get in and out of the property, as our adelaide fencing contractors today.

-If you have a front fence with an automatic gate, make sure that it is shut and also make sure that there is no objects close to the fence that someone may be able to use to climb in.

-if you do leave the house, make sure that all your luggage labels are not flapping about on your suitcases for the whole world to see, its an invitation to the world that your are not going to be home.

If you have anyone that is going away these holidays, make sure to pass this on as to help them keep their home safe.

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