How Much Does Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Cost In Adelaide?

How Much Does Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Cost In Adelaide?

When it comes to putting a fence around your new or existing pool there are a few options to choose from e.g tubular, chain-mesh, Colorbond and of course glass fencing. Glass fencing has come along way, in fact getting a frameless glass fence installed around your home can look like a million bucks!!

What are the average costs in Adelaide?

It can vary depending on workmanship and quality of materials, don’t be fooled as their are materials out there that are poor quality and don’t look solid, you want to make sure you get marine grade steel for all of your spigots and the glass must be Australian approved, otherwise you could lean on it while your having friends over and it could blow up in your face, as it is toughened glass…..not a cool look.

MIN $350 LM

MAX $500LM

Speaking of Materials

Most glass panels will be between 600m long to 2000mm long, going any longer than that may cause the glass to bend or become weak under pressure, best to keep in those measurements.

If your going for frameless glass you will want the glass to be a t least 12mm thick, you can get 8mm – 10mm thick but we usually use that on semi frameless glass as it has a post to support it.

The glass we use has beveled edges so you cant cut yourself.

The other materials that you will find used to create a frameless glass fence are the gates,fixings and hinges. The fixtures or spigots are core drilled into the ground, and the glass panels fit snug into them. The fixtures have to be strong and not rust since they will be near water or near the beach. Most frameless glass fences come with gates that are 1,200 millimeters high and 834 millimeters wide roughly.

Advantages and Disadvantages:


  1. Frameless glass pool fencing does not obstruct the owners view and is more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
  2. It blends in with any style or theme already present around the pool.
  3. Glass fences are last forever and hold up better to weather than wood.
  4. Unlike metal fences, glass fences are resistant to rust. This is good considering the glass will be subjected to the chemicals found in pools, such as chlorine.
  5. Fences keep animals and kids from running around the pool or accidentally falling in.


  1. Frameless glass pool fencing is pretty expensive compared to the price of other fencing options.
  2. This type of fence is hard to maintain. Just like any other large piece of glass, it needs to be cleaned regularly. When it is not clean, the dirt is clearly visible from both sides of the fence which is a pain.
  3. Frameless glass fencing provides no privacy. If the homeowner does not have another fence up around his yard, then everyone will be able to see whats going on, not that cool.
  4. Animals have a hard time seeing glass fences, so there could be a few accidents and a trip to the vet until they get used to it.

But after saying that if i had a home with a pool glass fencing would be my first choice, it by far looks the best and will last the test of time.

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