Lee Benson Fencing Adealide

Lee Benson Fencing Adealide

Are you looking to put a fence around your home or property? Are you interested in the best fencing contractors in the Adelaide region? Then look no further. At Lee Benson Fencing we offer the best fencing solutions in the Adelaide region. Our team of expert contractors and service men work tirelessly to ensure that you have the best fence around your home and property. Whether it’s a frameless glass fence for your pool or a color bound BlueScope fence for your property that you are after, we at Lee Benson will ensure that you get all these and more at a fair price.

The licensed fencing contractors at our establishment are skilled in installing different types of fences and this comes in handy when you need different fence types for the different sections of your establishment. We have provided extensive fencing solutions to both commercial establishments and residential home owners in the Adelaide region. The core of our business operations are centered in the Southern Adelaide region where we have installed color bound fences in the areas of St. Mary’s, Clovers Park, Marion, Glenelg, Eden Hills are its environs.


We use materials that are of the best quality and employ the best equipment in our installation process. This ensures that the structures we put up are strong, steady and reliable. Some of the fencing solutions we offer include the good neighbor fence, post and rail fence, a color bound blue scope fence, a glass pool fence, timber fence, a sliding gate fence as well as the retaining walls fence. All these we do at an affordable fee with no hidden charges. Our rates are the best in the region and this is in line with our policy of providing the best fencing solutions for whatever budget you are on.

You deserve it

We value our customers and our services are tailored to ensure maximum client satisfaction. We offer expert fencing services delivered with utmost care and executed in due diligence and maximum professionalism. To order our services simply contact us and one of our contractors will be sent over for an on-site visit. He will then survey the area and you will be provided with a free quote detailing the scope of work in your place, the price for the installation and how long it will take for the entire project to be completed. Once you are satisfied with our terms, a team of our expert contractors will begin work on your project. The installation will be done is a timely, professional and cost-efficient manner in line with the conditions of the agreement.

Visit our website today for the best fencing services in the Adelaide region. All the products we offer are listed on the website and picking a product that suits you is easy and straight forward. You will fill out a simple form where by you will list the fence type you are interested in and any other preferences such as color and the length of the fence. We respond quickly to requests and this saves you time and money.

Lee Benson Fencing is your best bet when it comes to fencing services in the Adelaide region.